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Our Beginnings.

The Young Adult Ignatian Ministry (YAIM) was created in March 2004 as an initiative of the Australian Province of the Society of Jesus with the purpose of accompanying, supporting and serving young adults. It was created as a response to a desire by the Jesuits to enter into relationship with young people after secondary school and throughout their formative years in young adulthood.  


What young people want – CAN you relate to these statements?

In exploring where to go and what to do for this ministry – in looking for directions – we decided to ask young people like yourselves for the direction we should take. After interviewing young adults across Australia for a number of months, we realized that today you face many issues and challenges. Some of these were expressed in your desires to:

  • Find balance in the business of your lives
  • Explore your own spirituality
  • Make a contribution in the world and
  • Try to overcome your distrust and separation from the institutional church

You reminded us that we need to meet you ‘where you are’, to use adequate language you can relate to, and to consider the pressures and challenges that you face in the world today. But most importantly, what we encountered in you was a group of young people who are generous, open, inquisitive and who possess great desires.

How we got started
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Young Adult Ignatian Ministry (YAIM 2006)