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making decisions  

Discernment & making decisions: the Examen

One way in which Ignatian Spirituality can be expressed in our lives is through the Examen.

The Examen is a daily method of prayer which helps us to recall the movements of God during our day and to consider the ways in which we are being drawn to a deeper relationship with God and others in our lives.

Daily Awareness Examen:

Being aware of God’s presence today… 

1.      What was the best thing I heard?

2.      What was the best thing I saw?

3.      What was the best thing someone did for me?

4.      What was the best thing I did for someone else?

5.      For what moment today, am I most grateful?

6.      For what moment toady, am I least grateful?

7.      What can I do to improve tomorrow?

Loving God, be with me for tomorrow and help me to be open to your guidance.


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