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 - Each month we will be profiling a different volunteer organization -

Thinking of volunteering? Think Corpus Christi Community!

Contact Sheila Jordan : corpuscc at bigpond.net.au

Christi Community is an 88 bed hostel for men with a background of homelessness.  Located on 12 acres of semi rural land at Greenvale on Melbourne's northern edge the Community has flourished and grown since its beginnings in 1974.  Originally set up by Mother Teresa of Calcutta as a response to the isolation and despair experienced by men living in rooming houses around the Fitzroy and inner Melbourne areas, it still draws most of its residents from rooming houses, public housing, caravan parks and supported residential services.

Residents commonly have struggled with substance abuse, mental illness and isolation from family and society. Corpus Christi is not a rehabilitation facility although residents are not allowed to drink alcohol on the premises.  The aim is to build self-esteem and independence by welcoming people into the Community, allowing them to settle and then working with them to  identify goals and ways in which they want us to support them.  The residents contribute in practical ways to the running of the place and do much of the day to day work.  

Volunteers have always been important at Corpus Christi. We have a range of options for volunteer involvement.  What we look for is a regular commitment even if it is only for a couple of hours at a time.  Volunteers are currently involved in assisting with the recreation program,  personal care of incapacitated residents, driving to medical appointments and collecting and delivering donated bread to other homeless agencies.  We are also part of a broader Catholic homeless services network called Shekinah.

Shekinah employs a Volunteer Co-Ordinator who facilitates volunteer involvement in the 10 homeless services members.  If you are interested in exploring the possibility of volunteering you can contact Sheila Jordan of Corpus Christi Community on +61 03 9333 1444, or by email : corpuscc@bigpond.net.au